Baptiste is the 30th hero to reach the Overwatch

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Baptiste is the 30th hero to reach the Overwatch

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The new hero of Overwatch was unveiled yesterday, when the developers of the game of Blizzard presented a video about the history of Baptiste. This is the 30th hero to reach the game, and has a lot of features and Cheap Overwatch Boost for the game and that will change the games completely whenever you are in them.

The Medical SMG causes damage at medium distance and launches bursts of bullets for three rounds. But, beyond its damage, its main action is to cure allies. With his alternative shot, Baptiste will be able to throw healing grenades. These grenades will heal all heroes in their impact range by exploding against a surface. It is much more effective when it is thrown from above and it is better used if all the allies are together. However, this grenade can not cure Baptiste.

From Overwatch they have explained that Baptiste is used as a primary healer and that is thanks to his abilities. By pressing the primary skill button, Baptiste will heal himself and his allies gradually over a period of time. This is the way Baptiste can regenerate his own health. Baptiste launches a high-tech device that attaches to the floor and creates a visible cylinder for allies and enemies. This cylinder causes that the allies of Baptiste that are within the zone can not lower their life beyond a certain point and stop receiving damage when reaching it. Although the device and its effect can be denied if enemies shoot at it and destroy it.

Its exoskeleton legs allow it to generate a jump load when bending over. This charge allows Baptiste to jump to great heights, depending on how full the bar is. It serves to disengage and to throw the healing pomegranate from above. Overwatch Boosting ability will depend a lot on the tactics and accuracy of the player. Baptiste generates a barrier that causes all the projectiles and bullets of the allied heroes to cause massive damage to the opponents they impact, as long as they have crossed the barrier first.